MC2 WIT is comprised of a team of professional project managers, engineers, designers, copywriters, translators, desktop publishers and graphic artists available to suit all your global needs.
Time, speed and accuracy-to-market are paramount for our clients and our organization. We continuously strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

MC2 WIT has a successful track record of establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with both clients and colleagues. The retention of our current team is 11 years, and new team members are added and tested according to stringent guidelines. In addition, the confidentiality of your project is ensured by our reputation for integrity, built over our many years of service to satisfied clients.
Each one of our linguists has been selected according to his/her translation skills as well as his/her area of specialization. We also employ consultants from all industries. This network allows us to keep up with the newest technologies and sets us apart from many other translation companies.

MC2 WIT team consists of:

Ÿ   Account Executives

Ÿ   Project Managers

Ÿ   Web Designers & Programmers

Ÿ   Engineers

Ÿ   System Architects/Analysts

Ÿ   Technical Consultants

Ÿ   Head Linguists

Ÿ   Translators & Editors

Ÿ   Desktop Publishers

Ÿ   Graphic Artists

Ÿ   Interpreters

Ÿ   Writers & Copywriters

Ÿ   Instructors

Ÿ   Multilingual Consultants

Your main connection is your Project Manager. He/She is responsible for supervising each phase of your project and serves as a link with our Head Linguists and other members of the MC2 WIT team. The MC2 WIT team is poised and ready to assist you in all of your translation/localization needs.

MC2 WIT knows that working smart means working together. Across all the cultures differences – to use them to your advantage. Our team becomes your team to provide you the most effective solutions.