7 Reasons to Choose Us

1 – Quality
We have worked in the translation/localization industry since 1994. For the first 8 years, our client base grew only through word of mouth, which is a vivid testimony to the quality we provide.
Our quality is based on two key elements:
- Our Processes
- Our Human Resources
Our Processes were created by a team of seasoned Project Managers and engineers. These processes continually evolve with new technology breakthroughs and are strictly enforced for each project. Our Project Managers implement our processes with each project and discuss how to perfectly match the processes to whatever the size of your project. We always streamline our process to give you optimal quality. We think in a “different way” to provide you, our clients or future clients, the best possible services.
Our Human Resources are the other key elements of your success.
We are a team of devoted and high skilled specialists. Our team is perfectly decentralized and our structure allows us to use the best specialists in each area, no matter where in the world they’re located. Our team is also local to ensure that you’ll have the best possible contact with your target audience. We know about culture differences and we use them to your advantage.
More specifically:
Our Project Managers are well versed in the technology used. They’re trained in new technologies and software on a continuous basis and are multilingual and multicultural. Even though they are experienced industry veterans they are always open to new technologies and techniques. More important: they LISTEN to each client attentively.
Our Linguists are used to working in team structures. Our linguists are selected on three main criteria: linguistic skills, areas of specific expertise and ability to work in a structured team. Many of our linguists have advanced degrees in their fields or areas of expertise. Our linguists translate into their native language and in their areas of specialty/expertise. They are also helped by industry-specific experts in very specialized areas (e.g. cardiologists for stents, etc.).
Our DTP specialists are continuously trained in new software/products. They are not only experts in their fields but also multilingual. Their dedication is matched by their skills.
Our Software/Test Engineers are the industry leaders. They deliver the know-how required to make even the most intricate project succeed. They listen carefully to the comments of the clients and linguists in order to continuously improve their work.

2 – On time & On budget
MC2 WIT is not only a client-focused company but also a time-aware company. From the quoting process to the final delivery, we always meet our deadlines. We know that these deadlines are very often the key to your success.
Contrary to most companies, bureaus and agencies, our prices are all inclusive.
Our decentralized structure and our streamlined processes allow us to reduce our margin. And this lower margin allows us to use the best professionals, pay them a fair price, and still be competitive. We also study each project and offer you the solution that matches your budget. We tailor each solution to your exact needs.

3 – Integrated Services
MC2 WIT distinguishes itself from traditional companies by its exhaustive use of efficient new technology.
We are flexible and can adapt, not only to new technologies and software but also to the software that our clients and future clients use.
Most importantly, we offer you INTEGRATED SERVICES that encompass IT outsourcing, Web design and Internationalization/translation/localization.In other words, we develop your software, maintain your systems and design your web sites with the concept of globalization in mind and all that it entails. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of time and money. Not to mention peace of mind.

4 – Experience
During the past 15 years, we have gathered all the necessary know-how – and even more – to help our clients turn their projects into solutions. We are perfectly aware that any company is a “work in progress” and we continuously strive to become a leader in our field. We pride ourselves on quality, process refining, operational efficiency, price competitiveness – in sum, excellence. And we pass this on in savings to our clients. We never compromise Quality, Accuracy and Speed-to-Market.
Our services are fully scalable and customizable.

5 – Confidentiality
Client confidentiality is a must at MC2 WIT. We take the security and confidentiality of our clients’ information quite seriously. We require all employees to be bound by corporate nondisclosure agreements and commercial confidentiality agreements. MC2 WIT strongly complies with regulatory, business partner and customer security requirements while protecting their intellectual property. Many of our clients require MC2 WIT to use encryption software. We strongly believe in the confidentiality of our clients’ important and highly sensitive material. We uphold your values.

6 – Client Orientation
Our Project Managers not only listen to you, they hear you. They take the time to discuss specific client needs, and to put together the team to provide you the best quality and accuracy for your project. No matter what your needs are:
We provide Quality – We are On-Time, On-Budget and we Listen.

7 – Value given to our most important Asset: HR
While most translation companies limit team recruitment to a query in their database, we make sure our Project Managers have established special links with our providers.
Through many years of experience we provide to our clients:

  • Project needs assessment
  • Solution design and process implementation
  • Language, Systems and Technology Management and Qualtran

Our Clients receive:

  • Quality-driven solutions
  • Quality saves our clients time and money
  • Continuous improvement to better our processes and technologies

We’ve been working with most of our resources for many years and they do know how much we value them as well as their services. This type of relationship, based on trust and respect, allows us to give you the best value, quality and accuracy.
Because we know that beyond all the technology, know-how, knowledge and skills in the world, the human touch is of  paramount importance. Especially in a service industry. Especially for you and all our clients.