MC2-Translate has long provided multilingual services to the federal government and related agencies. We have also provided translation and localization services to many government contractors. MC2-Translate is proud to support the federal government and contracting agencies. We realize this is a vital component of our company. We look forward to working with new clients who are contractors and government agencies. We understand the nature and importance of what we translate and localize. We believe in full confidentiality for all clients including the DOD and defense contractors and local agencies.
Our accomplishments in the defense sector range from translating materials regarding weapon systems/platforms, radar installations and many related documents and contracts. We use translators who are trained in all terminology of this heavily-regulated and changing industry. Indeed some of our translators are retired military linguists or personnel. Our translators also have access to all dictionaries and support material needed, including the latest versions of the numerous CAT tools such as TRADOS and SDLX. They are trained to be up to date in all military applications and hardware. As always, confidentiality is our top priority as is the quality and accuracy of our translations.
We translate documents and manuals regarding:

  • Nuclear systems
  • Training manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Mechanical systems
  • Chemical systems
  • Radar systems

In the interest of 100% accuracy and confidentiality, we also use many skilled reviewers to QA our final translations. Our project managers are veterans in the industry who realize the sensitivity and confidentiality of all materials. Our project managers are also experts in project planning and quality control and assemble the right teams to meet the complexity of your projects.
We are well versed with the quick turnaround and quality that this industry must have and are committed to our defense and defense contractor needs.