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Corporate document translation
Today, one of the biggest challenges of global companies is to be able to reach and communicate with their international counterparts. They have understood that their internal documents need not only to be translated but also to be adapted to the culture of their audience. Also, since 1998, the European Union, which has become a leader in new translation technologies, requires that all documentation be in the language of the native country. The MC2-Translate team will translate and localize all corporate documents in the correct format and on time. You can trust our team for all your corporate documents from annual reports, corporate plans, business plans, news releases, strategic plans, management plans, antitrust policies, bylaws, privacy policies, contracts, ombudsman messages, corporate resolutions & policies, meeting notes, Environmental, Health and Safety documents as well as Compliance and Code of Conduct Manuals, etc. MC2-Translate will naturalize your foreign language documents to adhere to the format and style standards of your company.

Product globalization is the creation of other language versions of products and software applications. It includes software internationalization, software localization, and document translation. These final products are adapted to the cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements of each specific audience/market.
Content globalization is the adaptation of Web content, interactive media, printed documents, or packaging to meet the cultural, linguistic, and business requirements of a global audience. Today many global companies achieve 40-60% of their revenues from international markets. To be able to deliver products and services to those markets, they must adapt a lot of product/service and marketing information to each specific audience. This process of adapting content is of paramount importance for their success, and the ability to manage this process efficiently is a key competitive advantage with tangible results.
By applying flexible but well-structured methodologies, MC2-Translate offers solutions that combine the quality of in-country translation with the efficiency of centralized processes and infrastructure. The expertise of our linguists as well as our extensive use of CAT/MAT tools allows us to offer you accuracy, speed-to-market and competitive rates.
More specifically, our methodologies, which vary according to the project, are based on these steps:

• Creation of a translation memory
• Translation (native professional translators)
• Copy-editing (target language matches the English)
• Desktop publishing
• Proofreading of the final document
We save you project costs because our quotes are based upon analysis made with CAT tools.
Our Language Solutions, which reduce project costs and time/speed-to-market, include:
• Software internationalization and localization
• Web site localization
• Multimedia localization and content globalization
• Transcription services
• Media services
• Printing services
• Legal documentation translation
• Financial document translation
• Wireless technology translation
• Marketing material localization
• Corporate documents translation and localization
• E-learning localization and content globalization
• E-commerce localization and content globalization
• Presentation localization
• Business card translation
• Personal document translation
• Documentation localization
• E-mail translation

E-commerce localization
The US e-commerce market has entered a new level of maturity and technological advancement. However, European and Asian e-commerce markets are characterized by rapid growth and their technologies will soon rival the USA. Many business publications point to the need for selling business services and products on a global scale. MC2-Translate is poised to offer you e-commerce solutions that will allow you to effectively launch your company into the European, Asian and Far-East markets. We can offer you affordable solutions to internationalize and localize your website as well as to internationalize and localize your sales documents. MC2-Translate partners with leading e-commerce designers to offer you the best solutions possible.

E-mail translation
Multilingual websites mean e-mails from potential clients asking about your business services. E-mail has afforded the luxury of being able to communicate throughout the world. The language barrier should not mean lost business for your company. This is a hurdle to overcome.
MC2-Translate understands the need to translate business correspondence via e-mail in a quick, effective and accurate manner.
E-mail service is designed as an on-demand service. We will confirm delivery. We will bill you every 14 days (a contract is then required) or you can pay as you go. We are your source for website and e-mail translation/localization needs.

ERP materials translation
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP are closely linked. Most SAP products are directly focused on ERP. MC2-Translate has worked with businesses throughout the world in their implementation of SAP Business One and Sap All-in-One. We have worked directly with their IT departments and webmasters in their ever-present goal of achieving cost savings and streamlining through software applications and networks.
We have worked directly with many manufacturing companies to integrate their ERP systems that automate business practices in operations, production and distribution. We have translated ERP and ERP/SAP related software and are familiar with the enormity and the complexity of their content. We have also translated supplier management systems (SRMs) as well as customer relationship systems (CRMs).
ERP and ERP related systems integrate all parts of a business, from manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, IT, to accounting, marketing, human resources and strategic management. At MC2-Translate, we realize that these systems are a major undertaking for any company and we support our clients throughout the implementation process of ERP systems in many foreign countries. SAP/ERP systems are worldwide and help to streamline processes and cut many costs associated with running a business day to day and year to year.
To effectively implement ERP systems, MC2-Translate works directly with programmers and analysts who in turn they work directly with the end users. ERP systems aim to streamline companies and reduce the size of the internal workforce for everyday operations. It is now recognized that without teamwork and professional assistance, ERP systems are quite costly for international firms. We are here to provide assistance and support through the effective translation and testing of software and systems.
Throughout the last few years we have supported the web-based ERP systems that are now prevalent throughout the world.
ERP systems are a huge investment for any company and we are here to support the implementation of your investment throughout the world. We work closely with your analysts, programmers and IT departments in their implementation of ERP and related processes and systems.
We are here to service all of our clients in their SAP/ERP related endeavors.

Financial translation
With the advent of new financial technologies and an expanding global investment community, MC2-Translate has become fully aware of the potential of global financial markets and the importance of concise financial document translation in conveying the proper message to your audience.
During the past few years, GAAP and the accuracy of all financial documents has become of paramount importance. MC2-Translate is aware of the new stringent requirements and federal regulation guidelines. MC2-Translate has built a network of linguists specialized in finance/financial markets. We can translate/localize any financial documents – fund performance reports, prospectuses, marketing materials, etc. MC2-Translate can complete your projects of all sizes, deadlines and/or complexities. MC2-Translate has many dedicated clients in all financial industries, which rely on our expertise to convey their message to their institutional clients.
MC2-Translate clients also benefit from translation being viewed as just one step in the document-development process that includes printing and distribution in paper or electronic medium anywhere in the world.

Legal translation
MC2-Translate realizes the complexity and precision of the translation process of legal documents. Many of them are term specific and require the need of native translators who either have law degrees or are well versed with the terminologies and complexities of the legal systems of each given country. When translating a legal document, expert linguists must be aware of the laws of their native country. The U.S. legal system being a Common Law system, it tends to be very streamlined and based on legal precedents. Most English-speaking countries use this system. However many other countries use a Civil Law system. Codified, these systems are based on written rules. Originally developed by the Romans, they are used by most of the rest of the world. The key point in translating any legal document is that it has to be translated with care and complete understanding by the expert translating team. Language nuances have to be recognized as well as the multiple variances in legal systems.
MC2-Translate legal services translators and consultants are versed in all aspects of law and have many years of experience in their fields. Our legal translators are familiar not only with the language but also with the systems and varying procedures, etc. involved. The partial list of our services is as follows:

• Patents-highly technical – we specialize in medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, manufacturing, semiconductor, etc. – certificates are offered for all patent translations.
• Intellectual Property documentation
• Contracts
• Pleadings
• Licensing Agreements
• Appeals
• Applications
• Tenders
• Business Documents
• Divorce and Marriage Documents
• Employment Documents
• Incorporation Documents
• Partnership Agreement Documents
• Internet Law
• Wills
• Probate matters
• Power Of Attorney Documents
• Depositions, Negotiations, Mediation
• Immigration
• Resolutions
• Court Orders
• Bankruptcy Petitions
• Mergers-any related documents or brochures, pitch books.
• Acquisitions
• Securities Offerings
• Public Offerings
• Divestitures

Essentially, we have the resources to translate any legal document. Whether you are a small or a large firm, we are here to serve your needs in a confidential, professional, accurate, and concise manner with a large emphasis on proper content, quality and cost.
Legal Areas we are familiar with:

• Advertising Law
• Banking Law
• Charity Law
• Consumer Law
• Data Protection
• Education Law
• Environmental Law
• Family Law
• Intellectual Property Laws
• Medical Law
• Pension Law
• Property Law
• Tax Law

This legal service is a global service and we have consultants and partners throughout the globe.

Marketing materials localization
Many international marketing managers are in a constant struggle to localize marketing messages for multiple-market audiences who speak different languages and have very diverse cultures. There is a great need for companies to localize their marketing messages in more effective ways.
Through our careful client research, we find that many translation companies are set up just to translate the written word without careful consideration of the meaning of the content, thereby giving a very ineffective or mixed marketing message. The sales impact from mixed or ineffective marketing is huge. MC2-Translate employs marketing professionals who understand the need to convey correct and accurate messages, tailored to that certain country or region.
MC2-Translate marketing experts evaluate your marketing localization needs as prescribed by your target markets and offer pertinent solutions in a creative and cost-effective manner.
MC2-Translate localizes materials used to convey or communicate the brand image and advertising objectives of your company in your global target markets. To make your marketing message very effective, we employ industry-leading creative writing experts and provide cultural and market analysis.
MC2-Translate links with your outside/inside marketing agencies or teams to provide a cohesive plan from the beginning, and not the end, of each specific project. We use native in-country translators and marketing professionals to make sure your marketing message is properly conveyed and adapted. People in other markets do not think alike. Slang or catch phrases that exist in our culture are not understood in others. It is our commitment to give you a better understanding of your foreign target audience and to show you what to say and how to say it! We incorporate cultural design and concise marketing management into all projects and listen carefully to your feedback.
We not only translate. We also localize and globalize the content and the format of your message.

Media localization
As your organization expands globally, educational, sales/marketing and operational tools need to be produced and translated into many languages. Production of audio or video materials in target languages enables you to reach any foreign language market thereby expanding your global base.

MC2-Translate offers the following services:

Multilingual Voice-Over Talent
MC2-Translate has maintained over the years an extensive voice-over base within the US and international markets. Our client partners have the resources and solutions that most fit your project budget, project needs and goals.

Our Services include:

  • Voice-overs
  • Dialect and accent consultation
  • Foreign language voice-over talent
  • Lip-synching
  • Audio-video consulting

Audio/Video Translation

  • Script translation and editing
  • Translation of subtitles
  • Script language timing in relation to target language

Radio spot localization
MC2-Translate uses local and native voice-over talent in any language or multiple language formats to meet your goals and the goals of your target audience
Closed Captioning and Subtitling
With its current partnership with VSI Media, MC2-Translate offers closed captioning and subtitling for those who are hearing impaired and those with difficulty understanding the spoken language.
Services include:
• Closed Captioning-invisible to general audience.
• Open Captioning-allows text to be overlaid onto video.
• Video Subtitling-can be seen by all viewers.
Audio/Video Project Management
MC2-Translate and VSI Media can manage all needs and aspects of your audio/video project. We work very closely with our partners to ensure top quality of media services. MC2-Translate and its partners will consult with your organization throughout every step of your project. Our partners, which have exhaustive resources at their disposal, are able to accommodate any need of your organization. Our partners employ many known talents in the entertainment/communication fields. MC2-Translate will provide your organization with a quality driven project for any budget.
Audio Script Localization And Transcription
Translating script in an accurate manner requires experts with appropriate linguistic and subject-matter knowledge. More important, English is a very concise language and the content expands during the translation process. MC2-Translate has dedicated teams that know how important timing is for a script. You’ll receive a localized script not only perfectly fitted for its specific audience but also as concise as the English. And you’ll notice significant savings in terms of cost and time.
Video Game Localization
Video game development and localization has become a huge market for translation/localization companies. As the game markets increase with size and complexity the need to create games in a country’s target language has become obvious.
When localizing video games, there are many factors to consider; the text must be accurately translated and timed. Voiceovers have to present the context or meaning of the game.
Many developers pay extremely close attention to the quality of localized games. These developers plan on multilingual formats in the initial stages of development instead of at or close to the completion of a game. By localizing games early in the development cycle, developers are more likely to maximize profits when that game is released.
MC2-Translate has provided game localization to many developers including Origin Systems, makers of Ultima Online and Ultima Online: The Second Age.
MC2-Translate provides Translation/Localization, Localized Voiceover Recording, Asset Integration and Linguistic Testing. Through many years of experience, we realize the importance of how the text will adapt within the interactive medium. We also realize that consistency of text and voiceover is especially crucial to the end-user or player. Our voiceover partners have vast experience and realize that quality are as crucial as is the importance of matching the original game content. The quality of the original game has to match that of the localized game. Asian and international gaming markets look for consistency in games and, of course, quality. They are very appreciative of games localized to their own culture. Asset integration is a crucial area in the gaming industry. We can provide developers with a multilingual format for all games, thus increasing their speed-to-market and reducing the likelihood of early piracy. Linguistic testing is another crucial step of this process. It requires the testing of game software for functionality and debugging.
MC2-Translate realizes the importance of retaining the design concept within the localization process and we adapt to all cultures and norms. We realize the importance of the Asian markets and their explosive growth, being second to the US markets. We know and understand the government regulations about localizing video games associated with many countries. Being fully aware of the cultural differences, we also use native game localizers, and we respect the localization requirements linked to the various hardware specifications and operating systems.
Our multi-skilled game localization team is poised to meet all gaming requirements and needs.

Medical translation
In all medical fields a quality-driven concise translation is a prerequisite. MC2-Translate provides translation and localization to medical equipment and device manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms and medical/clinical research firms. We employ native in-country medical translators whose vast expertise is in the medical industry. Native medical translators ensure accuracy of translated material and avoid any misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the translated material. We also employ consulting MDs to keep terminology up- to-date and accurate. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and work hand-in-hand to ensure 100% accuracy.
Through many years of experience in the medical industry, we have learned that native translators provide a necessary and valuable service to our current and future clients. In any industry, misinterpretation of the translated word can have drastic results. With many individuals in the USA and in many other countries whose native language is not English, medical-related industries see a distinct need to localize their products in many different languages.

Selling in the European Union and European Markets
In addition to getting the languages right, we know about other details, too.
In the European Union, there are many directives which govern and regulate medical industries and the ability for medical/pharmaceutical manufacturers to market their products. In order to market and sell their products in the European Union, companies must comply with EU regulations. The European Union has strict guidelines on language. It requires that documentation for medical devices and associated medical and pharmaceutical products be translated into the primary native language where that device or product is being used and sold. These directives state that medical devices and associated products must contain native-language information that identifies the manufacturer and highlights how they have to be safely used by trained medical individuals. They also state that products distributed in the EU have to bear the CE mark. We are experienced in dealing with such European Community requirements.
Directives: 90/385/EEC, 93/42/EEC, 98/79/EC.

Selling in Asian Markets

Most countries have regulations regarding medical products and devices that can be imported into Asia. These regulations ensure that both the product and device is used in a safe manner. China requires that all products have compulsory certification to be sold in their country. Companies are required to put a “CCC Mark” on all their products. This mark ensures that the product is compliant with government safety regulations and requirements.
When selling medical devices or products or any manufactured goods in a foreign country all manufacturers, regardless of the product, must submit technical documents, operating instructions, product labeling and manuals in the native language of that country in order to sell their products in that country.
MC2-Translate has worked with many global manufacturers and will assist your company in a successful and timely product launch in any country. Speed-to-market and quality are our top priorities. That’s a promise.

Personal documents translation
We translate all types of personal documents (diplomas, certificates, wills, etc.). We use native translators and we can have the translated version of your documents notarized.

Pharmaceutical translation
Medical and pharmaceutical translation is very detail oriented and requires thorough knowledge of the industry and subject matter. These industries are heavily regulated with regulatory requirements that must be strictly followed. The linguists translating within these industries have to be well versed in multiple subject matters, as well as privacy laws (HIPAA, etc) and the strict regulatory guidelines that govern these industries.
For more than 12 years, MC2-Translate has delivered linguistic solutions in over 60 languages to pharmaceutical and medical companies throughout the world. MC2-Translate makes it possible for your company to communicate with your consumer base, research subjects and all your clients anywhere . Our timely solutions seamlessly reduce your time-to-market. We have aided many companies in expanding their global presence and provided communication solutions to multilingual audiences.
Our translators are specialized in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Many of our linguists have advanced language degrees as well as medical or veterinary degrees. We also employ consulting MDs and consulting researchers for large-scale, term-heavy projects.
We translate many documents and materials in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, including:
• Patents
• Packaging and inserts
• Product licensing
• Technical manuals and documentation
• Technical and scientific newsletters and articles
• Clinical research documents
• Clinical trial protocols
• Clinical reports and studies
• Informed Consent forms
• Clinical trial documents
• Medical and pharmaceutical ads
• Medical and pharmaceutical marketing material localization
• Medical certificates
• Patient information brochures
• HPV documents
Our experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries ensures accuracy and quality One example of our concern for quality is that we provide “back translation” (text that was translated and then translated back to English by a native English linguist) as a service This assures accuracy of the translated text and makes sure that nothing was omitted. Inaccuracy results in delays and can lead to major cost overruns, liabilities and malpractice. Over the years, many medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, healthcare and medical device manufacturers have entrusted their various multilingual projects to our company.
MC2-Translate is the perfect prescription for your translation needs.

Presentations localization
Our multi-talented creative team creates presentations for all global project needs. We design our presentations to deliver your organizational message to any target audience. This is accomplished through many media, including:
• Web-based presentations
• E-brochures
• Voicemail
• CD-ROM product demonstrations
• Audio/Video based presentations with Voice-Over
• Info Kiosks
MC2-Translate uses many cutting-edge technology applications: Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Audio Flash and Java and Web applications. MC2-Translate will assist you in all your presentation needs with quality-driven applications and cutting-edge technology.

SAP materials translation
Our clients benefit from our experience with SAP products. Thanks to our experience in the area of training courses and SAP procedures localization, we understand the process of any SAP implementation and realize the extent of changes it can bring to an organization.
SAP implementations have helped many large companies to improve their communications and information-sharing. We also realize that the SAP implementation process has to be planned and executed based on a very strong model.
MC2-Translate is familiar with the four phases of SAP implementation. We also realize the importance of being integrated into SAP technical support organizations (TSOs). We strongly believe in the importance of teamwork, even as an outside contractor. We are also familiar with TCO analysis (total cost ownership) and have translated materials which have provided key low cost business solutions to many companies.
We have worked with:

  • SAP Database Administrators
  • SAP Network Specialists
  • SAP Security Specialists
  • SAP Document Specialists

Some of the SAP software and components we are familiar with include:

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Strategic Enterprise Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Information Warehouse
  • Knowledge Warehouse
  • Transaction Processing

Finally, we also have helped companies to test final implementations of SAP systems. We realize that for successful SAP implementation, all teams have to work as one cohesive unit, supported by a very strong structure. We also have participated in the functional testing of hardware and software. We are committed to our clients and their subsidiaries in all their SAP related endeavors. We are here to provide multilingual support as well as to listen specifically to our clients’ needs. We speak from twelve years of experience. Although we are not SAP implementation experts, we are familiar with it and do fully understand the needs related to SAP implementation in small, medium and large businesses.
We are also familiar with the requirements of SAP data centers and have translated materials regarding their implementation.

Technical documentation translation
To translate technical documentation in an accurate and concise manner requires experts with appropriate linguistic and subject-matter knowledge. MC2-Translate makes certain that native-speaking translators with appropriate subject-matter backgrounds and education are assigned to your projects.
MC2-Translate will provide you with continuous support, consulting, language technologies, and educational information that will improve your company’s global/ international business activities.
The MC2-Translate team of language professionals will examine each language component of your global project and prepare all custom solutions based on your business needs. We thereby introduce processes that will improve quality, reduce project costs and speed/time-to-market.

Training and e-learning localization
There is an increasing need to train and support globally dispersed employees. Rapidly changing business requirements, competitive pressures and technology advancements make training and e-learning initiatives critical to your competitiveness. Whether you rely on computer-based training modules, classroom instruction, e-learning or a composite matrix, we provide full localization services for all your employee and customer education programs. Our services include internationalization, engineering and development, localization, translation and quality assurance strategies to support your global e-learning technology and content deployment. We support localization and translation of all popular course authoring, assessment and simulation capture tools.
Our clients rely on MC2 Translate to localize their training programs, with a view to optimizing the costs and meeting shorter deadlines. More specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Internationalization (analysis of the original application for localization readiness)
  • Translation and localization of the content
  • Screen capture and animation localization
  • Voice-over recording
  • Testing and QA

Our Training and e-learning localization services reduce your training costs, speed time to market, and ensure the creation of consistent, high quality instructional content for global learning programs, such as:

  • Web-based training
  • Computer-based training
  • Multimedia applications
  • Classroom-based instructional materials
  • XML-based reusable learning objects
  • Self-paced certification and assessment programs
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • Multilingual content development
  • Certification and assessment programs

Travel industry localization
MC2-Translate has provided translation and localization solutions to the travel and hospitality industry for over seven years. We have provided multilingual solutions to hotels, resorts and travel companies in their quest to obtain more foreign clients. We have translated and localized websites as well as created navigation-friendly multilingual websites, participated in multilingual advertising campaigns, provided multilingual subtitling for promotional DVDs and translated support material and brochures. We have also provided multilingual solutions for major airlines, hotel properties, web booking systems, car rental companies, resorts and tourism agencies. We are quite familiar with the ever-changing trends in travel and hospitality.
Our project managers and marketing experts work hand-in-hand to provide you the best possible solutions. We do so not only through translation/localization services but also through cultural counseling and content support. Our linguistic teams are selected according to their experience in your specific industry. We’ll help you find the best and most affordable solutions.
Our top priority is your bottom line. We make your company appealing to your foreign clients using accurate, quality-driven and concise native translations. MC2-Translate works with the audience in mind. Our translations are not only accurate, they’re inspirational! For years our linguists have taken your catchy taglines, or phrases and localized them most effectively to the culture of the intended audience.
We translate and localize:
• Brochures
• Websites
• Catalogs
• Product packaging and POS materials
• Marketing materials
• Publicity, press releases and promotional material
• User guides and manuals
• Training manuals
• Audio/visual training tapes
• Media and multimedia

MC2-Translate brings you closer to the world of your multilingual clientele.
Whether you are an airline company, a large resort/hotel chain, a cruise line or any entity of the travel/hospitality industry looking to create a proactive dialog with your clients, we are here to meet all your needs with an accurate and budget-minded multilingual solution.

Business cards translation
Many companies are translating business cards for their employees who travel to other continents. This can be an advantageous marketing tool to reach all customers overseas. The most traditional card is a 2-sided business card with English on the front and the target language on the back. MC2-Translate offers all Business card services; rates can be obtained via e-mail or by calling 860-267-9819 or toll-free 800-311-9819 – Press 1 for Sales.

Wireless industry translation
Wireless technologies represent a fast-growing segment of the technical translation/localization market. These technologies present many localization challenges and are not as traditional as software localization, web localization and/or technical documentation projects. MC2-Translate has the technical expertise and resources needed to compete in an ever-changing market. We can provide immediate response to any rush project and are decentralized and flexible. We can ensure that all regulatory requirements are satisfied and we focus on speed/time-to-market and cost savings. We have benefited over many years by working with wireless partners and manufacturers in supplying them with their multilingual localization needs.
MC2-Translate’s use of translation memories and outside consultants has benefited our clients in this very specific global field. Our wireless technical translators are familiar with UI real estate economics, such as line and word wrapping, text truncation, and the usage of international icons. We also are familiar with double-byte characters. MC2-Translate employs only native technical translators and technical writers and can adapt to any localization/globalization format with ease. We pride ourselves on our localization engineers, who are experienced with working in proprietary and commercial wireless environments.

MC2-Translate now offers on-site transcription services. Transcription is creating an exact written copy of a spoken communication. We provide transcription services in large or small volume. We serve all industries including the Medical, Media/Broadcast, Insurance, and Legal sectors, to name a few. We offer Corporate Transcription, Healthcare Transcription, Medical Transcription, Audio and Video Transcription, Legal/Court Transcription, Subtitling and Captioning. We accept all analog and digital video and DVD formats.
We can provide simultaneous multilingual captions and subtitles in English and Spanish, and can adapt to over 160 languages.
Scripts are provided with or without time code in English or any language that is needed. We can deliver time coded scripts from Audio and Video feeds.
Our video captioning services can be customized to your company’s needs. We routinely produce transcripts for production companies, financial institutions, healthcare institutions and multinational corporations. Our transcriptions with time-coding services can also help you speed video editing time by 80%, enabling you to flip through a transcript, find your quotes, and thus save countless hours and costs in the post production environment. MC2-Translate’s Closed-Captioning services provide a critical link to news, entertainment, and information to the hearing impaired individuals. In addition, captions have been used to improve comprehension and fluency of English for individuals whose native language is not English.

MC2-Translate provides telephone and on-site interpreting support for many languages. We offer interpreting services for meetings, international business and government negotiations, conferences, seminars, technical discussions, all legal undertakings, immigration issues and resolutions, depositions, mediations and negotiations as well as all court procedures.
We are a provider of interpretation services to many Fortune 500 companies from various industries such as financial, medical, and import/export, and government agencies.
Verbal communication is an important tool in all industries, and when interpretation becomes necessary, its quality is of paramount importance. MC2-Translate uses a dedicated team of interpreters versed in all industries to meet all your interpreting needs. Our interpreters believe in integrity, are dependable and their skills are oriented to your global company needs. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We strive to offer you the best possible consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation services.
Interpreting services offered:

  • Telephone interpretation
  • Face-to-Face
  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous
  • Escort Interpretation

MC2-Translate interpreters are native speakers, with many years of interpreting experience. They are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. Please partner with MC2-Translate for all your interpreting needs.
MC2-Translate offers a wide range of legal interpreting services. We have a varied list of interpreters in all languages available for you in-person or through telephone interpretation, whether in a one-on-one format or in a conference setting. Our interpreters are native speakers and are very professional and accurate in their diction. They are knowledgeable in all subject matters and languages. They are a valuable reflection of your company.

With our printing partners, we are able to offer a full scale of printing services at reasonable prices. Please contact us for all your printing needs:

  • Offset printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Digital printing

Our comprehensive solutions will allow you to save time and money.

Related Services
Native linguists
MC2-Translate employs native linguists well versed in all subject matters, whether technical or not. We also employ native DTP professionals and designers.
Market Analysis/Marketing
When planning to reach your global markets, effective market analysis/research and strategic planning are the keys to business success. MC2-Translate enlists partners who are experts in market research and strategic planning, providing you with a localized business plan tailored to any country. We will determine all variables needed within your marketing plan – that equates to a successful product launch in any country (supply/demand dynamics). We will determine your target audience and your competition. We will localize all marketing materials for the market, rules and regulations of that country or region.
Other services include:

  • Performing feasibility studies with many variables (consumer spending, etc.)
  • Territory evaluation and sales forecasts
  • Cultural Adaptation Localization/Cultural Research/ Diversity Marketing
  • The need to target various ethnic groups in your company’s market strategy/plan is very crucial. Many companies are incorporating this into all their marketing plans. Any company attempting to target diversified audiences needs to be aware of the culture differences. MC2-Translate can assist you in your multicultural marketing efforts by providing you accurate ethnic translation of marketing materials as well as voiceovers and promotional videos (multimedia production), newsletters and press releases. We can also provide in-depth market analysis. Many languages have many variations (i.e. Spanish) and correctly understanding these differences as well as promoting your products properly within different ethnic groups are the key to a successful global marketing campaign and the key to your company’s global future.
  • Copy-writing

We employ technical and non-technical writers who know the technical and cultural requirements of writing for an international audience/market.
International DTP
Our DTP specialists are experts in both desktop publishing and the rules of each specific language (hyphenation, length, etc.)
International Graphic Design
Our talented artists are also experts in other cultures (i.e. the meaning of colors).
Global branding services
MC2-Translate will identify the cultural and linguistic differences that could impede the success of your company’s product launch in today’s global market. We will evaluate logos, company names, taglines, product names and graphics, online or not (website linguistic content) and we will tailor them to meet the cultural needs and norms of any country or region. MC2-Translate uses native marketers who actually reside in the country you are launching your company and your products. This service enables you to market your product faster in that given country as well as to save costs and maximize speed/time-to-market for your brand.
MC2-Translate is poised and ready to meet all your global marketing needs!