Software localization

MC2-Translate understands the need to choose the right partner for your software localization needs. Our IT department will listen to your specific requirements and work closely with our linguistic department to answer all your localization needs. Software localization by design allows users to work on all levels in their language using their own social customs. This necessitates translation and resizing of all dialogs, modifying the encoding method, user interface, text direction, wrapping as well as on-line help and user documentation. Regulatory constraints also require that the product be modified in certain applications to be in compliance with local laws and regulations.
Well versed in the IT industry, our team members will make sure to address all these requirements and to give you back a turn-key product. We guarantee you not only quality and savings but also peace of mind.
MC2-Translate offers language solutions for software localization in all platforms. These solutions include software engineering, homogenization, re-sizing, translating editing and reformatting of on-line help files, testing and UI verification, websites, multimedia, server and client based applications.
While personalized according to each client’s specific needs, our software localization process follows these main steps: analysis of materials (including legacy translation and TM creation if applicable) – glossary development and editing – target country review – localization/cultural adaptation of symbols and formats – translation and editing of software strings and documentation – LQA and TQA – double-byte enabling (when necessary) – testing – revisions – final testing – client review – product release. MC2-Translate has the technological capabilities to meet all market demands.
We also offer analysis of cultural impact and suitability of software application based upon regulatory requirements and laws, and offer solutions to revise software content. Software manufacturers earn over 50% of their revenue from international sales, and competition is very fierce. The software manufacturers that localize in their clients language have a distinct competitive advantage and increased market share. This competitive advantage may soon be a requirement for the European countries as the European Union plans on making all software translated and localized into native languages and cultures.
We offer partial or complete software localization tailored to suit your specific needs in all major languages.