Website localization

The advent of the worldwide web gave companies a tool to reach a huge multicultural audience. This has had a great impact on global marketing strategies. Through diligent market research, many companies find that consumers will spend at least twice what they planned to spend visiting a web site if it is translated and culturally localized to meet their language. Here are a few facts that were compiled by Global Reach International Online Marketing:

Although the English speaking Internet community represents approximately 172 million people, 163 million people access the Internet in a language other than English. The number of non-English speaking users is growing rapidly Two-thirds of all internet users live in Europe and Asia
Two-thirds of the world’s e-commerce spending is originated from outside the U.S.
Over 70% of the world’s purchasing power originates outside the U.S.
Over 90% of the world’s population live in countries where English is not the native language
Over 75% of on-line users access the internet in a language other than English

Upon considering these facts, we see there is a drastic need for more companies to review their global marketing plan and potential markets. With our help, many of our clients are globalizing their site format and content as well as all their marketing materials and documents to reach their culturally diversified audience.

MC2-Translate understands these requirements and has the international teams and technology necessary to make your international web site a success. We can study each specific international market, review the content of your site, filter its codes and localize its adapted content. You can also use our services to manage your Internet promotion in the most efficient manner. Your success is ours and we’ll provide you the tools you need to reach the all the Internauts of the world.

More specifically, we offer a new type of process to handle your multilanguage web site. Historically, localization has always been project oriented (with a beginning and an end). However the maintenance of web sites needs to be handled in a much more dynamic way. As the content evolves very frequently or even continuously, many companies now use a Content Management System (CMS) to update their site. Consequently the localization of many web sites is now an ongoing process (vs a project-oriented task). To address this new need, we are now using Globalization Management Systems which interface with the CMS for detecting change and managing the localization process as a workflow “stream” rather than a project.

This new process allows us to update your web site diligently and accurately while offering you significant savings as the process is simplified.