WHY a web site?
A web site improves your image, your credibility, your revenue stream and your efficiency.
A multilingual web site leverages the four above-mentioned advantages because it allows you to better connect with various audiences. Energy = Multiple Connections.
A web site is a brochure and a catalog that doesn’t cost anything to print, store, package or mail.
A web site is a 24/7 store that doesn’t cost anything to maintain.
A multilingual web site allows you to be there for your clients – 24/7 – and in their own language
HOW to make a successful web site?
A successful web site:
1 – Is found on the major search engines
2 – Allows you to connect to your market(s)
3 – Is attractive enough to motivate your clients to come back
4 – Is easy to navigate
5 – Is safe
6 – Projects your credibility
7 – Is effective in fulfilling a real need
8 – Is affordable to you, in terms of initial costs and maintenance
9 – Is easy to evaluate and refine
1 – Your site is easy is easy to find.
The best web site in the world is worth nothing if it cannot be found. It’s probably the reason why Google has become a verb in the popular language. Millions and millions of people – or potential clients – are searching the Web with this tool. The major search engines use mathematical algorithms to rank the search results.
Our engineers are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Using special techniques and means such as key words, site maps, blogs and links to other sites, they help you to make sure your web site and business are listed on the first page of the major search engine results pages.
2 – Your site allows you to connect to your market(s).
Your web site is a bilateral communication channel.
Our designers and copy-writers make sure the content and design of your web site are appropriate for your targeted audience(s).
Our engineers make sure your existing and potential clients can connect with you – not only by phone but on the Internet, via e-mail and in different languages.
3 – Your site is attractive enough to motivate your clients to come back.
Your web site is your best spokesman. It says it all about who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.
Our Web team includes excellent artists from various cultures and ethnicities. They will help you to make sure your web site design touches the heart of your audience(s).
4 – Your site is easy to navigate.
Time has become the most desirable commodity on earth. The Internet has become a necessity in our lives because it SAVES us time. Your site has to be built with this concept in mind.
Our designers and engineers work together to make sure your visitors can find what they want immediately. No complicated links – only intuitive navigation.
5 – Your site is safe.
Your web site has to provide the highest level of security to you and to your customers.
Our engineers use encryption, SSL, strong password requirements to guarantee your security and safe payment methods for your customers.
6 – Your site projects your credibility.
Ten years ago, the business world found out that no business was considered credible without its own web site. Today having a web site is not an issue.
Your credibility depends on the quality of your web site as well as its various languages.
Our team includes not only web developers and designers but also proficient linguists in more than 40 languages.
7 – Your site is effective in fulfilling a real need.
Attractiveness is the icing on the cake. Beyond attractiveness comes efficiency, productivity and bottom-line results.
Internauts spend hours on the Web not only to expand their minds and the way they see the world but also to make their lives more practical.
Our developers make sure your site in on target and answers real needs of your audience(s).
8 – Your site is affordable to you, in terms of initial costs and maintenance.
Web sites are the best, most affordable, yet underused marketing tool for small businesses. This statement is very true as long as your site remains affordable. Always consider not only the initial costs but also the maintenance costs. Your best way to reduce maintenance costs is to stay in control. The MC2 support team will always be here to help you and answer your questions. However we’ll offer you excellent CMS (content management systems). You always remain in control.
9 – Your site is easy to evaluate and refine.
A big advantage of the Internet is to allow you to track the effectiveness of your site. Various stats including number of visitors, pages visited the most, etc. allow you optimize your site as often as you would like. Our engineers are expert users of free stats programs such as Google’s Analytics. They’ll help you to find out what works the best for your company.
With MC2, you’ll get integrated web sites that allow you to build a real relationship with your customers. In an affordable, professional and effective way.
Contact us today to get your site launched or improved as soon as possible.