Service Models

MC2 IT builds long-term strategic partnerships with its customers. Our goal is to provide you the most possible flexibility so our services perfectly fulfill your needs. We use and offer the three following service models:
1 – Headcount model
2 – Fixed Price (FP) model
3 – Time and Materials (T&M) model
1 – Headcount model
This is the efficient and seamless extension of your IT department. We hire and manage a pool of highly experienced IT engineers with a wide range of skills. We use proven technology practices in the infrastructure dedicated to your project. Our DC can be integrated with your existing processes in order to cover all the necessary functions (design, development, QA, version control, backup and recovery, etc.)
It is also important to know that the dedicated team is trained in your line of business, systems and processes and its size can be changed anytime and you have full control over it.
Industrial leaders (e.g. IBM with DCS in Russia, China, India and Brazil) have favored this model for its numerous advantages including cost reduction, risk reduction, flexibility, dedication and skills of the IT professionals as well as quality of the infrastructure.
2. Fixed Price (FP) model
This model applies mainly to solutions. It is suitable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules. The whole lifecycle includes requirement gathering, consulting, requirement analysis, effort estimation, proposal, development, testing, deployment, warranty, etc. When we use this model, we provide our clients a delivery schedule as well as a fixed price for the complete product development.
This model has the main advantage of allowing our customers to exactly determine their budget in advance. However it’s not as flexible as the T&M model (see details below), and each change and additional feature request forces us to renegotiate the delivery schedule and the price.
3. Time and Materials (T&M) model
Under this model, our customers are billed every month for the time and materials consumed per pre-agreed rates.
This model is the most appropriate when the project scope, specification and implementation are not clearly defined. It provides the flexibility to modulate the size and workloads of the development team assigned to your project, while optimizing time and costs.
It is important to note that once the project scope is precisely defined, we offer you the option to switch to the Fixed Price model.
Contact us today to define which model or combination of models best fits your needs.