Web Development
As passionate web designers and front-end developers seasoned in working in the fast-paced, ever-changing web environment, we have designed and been instrumental in the creation of many web sites.
We never used templates but build each site from scratch. We also keep our clients informed about our progress and pay close attention to their comments about the test pages we send them.
Our goal is to provide you a perfect combination of art and functionality. We provide our clients web sites that are not only attractive and eye catching but also extremely easy to navigate and to use.
Each project follows specific steps:
1 – We study the marketplace and the audience(s) you want to target. We advise you about not only the translations in various languages but also the changes to be made to the content (localization) in order to adapt your site to various cultures.
2 – We construct a competitive analysis. In business good is not enough. You have to be better – if not the best. We study what your competitors have online in order to provide you something better. Studying the competition also prevents us from making the same mistakes and spares you the expenses of trial-and-error.
3 – We focus on your business in order to perfectly understand who you are and what you do as well as your clientele. We then consider your brand(s), logo(s), collaterals and audience(s). We study how to use your budget in the most effective way possible.
4 – We create a blueprint and send you the first pages for review.
5 – We listen to your feedback attentively and create a great web site that is as unique as your company. Please read the descriptions about e-Commerce as well as Technologies and Technical Characteristics to get more detailed information.
6 – We test your site as many times as necessary to detect any possible bugs.
7 – We train you on how to maintain your site and/or propose various maintenance contract options for you.
8 – We localize your new sites in various languages.
9 – We have the localized versions tested in-country and finalize your multilingual site.

MC2 – To go beyond your own vision.

The first e-commerce sites were as big an event as the first American on the moon. Today, while the Web has become a standard medium for business, many e-commerce characteristics are still a little tricky for many of us. Most businesses have many unanswered questions such as: How to establish a real relationship with invisible clients? How to deal with credit card payments? What about the safety issues? And what about odd sales tax laws?
Whether you market and sell products or services, selling on the Web is usually your best and least expensive option. As long as you know how to use this extremely powerful tool. The MC2 team is here to answer all your questions and solve all the potential e-commerce issues. Take advantage of the ability to market and sell products and services without limit. Need something for your e-commerce site? We can do it for you.
The e-commerce sites we build for our customers allow them to put their best face forward and to inspire trust in their clients. Our sites are not only easy to use and to manage, but hassle-free and safe. They also allow you to provide great customer service online. And in the e-commerce world, great customer service means a huge boost in initial and repeat sales. Because when they know they’re taken care of, your clients keep on coming back again and again.
We offer numerous customized shopping cart software and e-commerce solutions.
Below are some of our e-commerce web site features:
• Unlimited number of online customers and customer accounts
• Customers have the ability to save their payment profiles for quicker checkouts
• Discount coupon generator
• Promotion and discount codes
• Product search
• All major merchant accounts and payment processors (credit cards, etc.)
• Secure online ordering (SSL certificates)
• Shipping with UPS & FedEx
• One page interactive checkout
• Newsletter sign up
• Easy-to-use, point-and-click, browser-based management (products easy to add, etc.)
• Unlimited products & categories
• Advanced SEO & web site marketing
• Track and manage customers
• Integrated e-mail marketing
• Automated inventory tracking
• Cross-selling capabilities
• Runs on all platforms, included Linux, Windows and Solaris.
• Reporting functionality (traffic statistics, etc.)
• Order management
• Alert generated for each new order placed
• And much more
All the concepts of good sales remain unchanged but we help you selling your products and services in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. It’s not only a matter of “showing you the money,” we’ll help you to grow, outperform and outlast your competitors. We are the most direct channel to bring your company to the top. Contact us today to define a successful e-commerce strategy.

MC2 – To go beyond your own vision.

Online Marketing
One expression says it all: “Pinpoint marketing”.
Think about the difference between an ad for a cold soda shown on TV to thousands of people versus a TV screen showing the same ad to thirsty people at a fair, on a hot summer day. There is no comparison.

The Internet has a huge advantage: it regroups people experiencing the same type of thirst. They are already shopping – you just have to reach them directly and to make sure they find you. Consequently you can get a much higher return on your precious marketing dollars.

Today it’s a well know fact that online advertising is the most cost effective medium for influencing both branding and sales results. To corroborate these data, online ad budgets are drastically increasing in most countries of the world. Companies like Microsoft,, Yahoo, as well as most Fortune 1000 firms are using responsible e-mail marketing for one simple reason. It works! And it generates profits immediately and consistently!

When it comes to promoting your company online, MC2 will help you:
- To get an excellent return on your investment (reduce your advertising budget and get higher tangible results).
- To get a high conversion rate (customers acting upon the fact that they like your ads/site/e-mail/etc.)

More specifically, we’ll help you to thrive in the following areas:
1 – Marketing strategy
2 – Integrated marketing
3 – Campaigns
4 – Copywriting
5 – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
6 – E-mail marketing
7 – Leveraging your web site
8 – Media planning and buying
9 – Evaluation and refining

1 – Marketing strategy. We’ll help you to build a plan using a step-by-step action strategy that you can implement.

2 – Integrated marketing. We offer holistic solutions that integrate all your advertising means in the cheapest possible way in order to attract a constant flow of clients.

3 – Campaigns. We offer complete solutions including e-mail, online ads and many other forms of marketing. From viral advertising to online marketing through social networking, we can help you launch your campaign fast.

4 – Copywriting. Our copywriters will help you to take the best advantages of “free” ads (i.e. publish articles or get listed in news stories, write and publish online press releases such as newsletters, articles, etc.). They’ll also help you to write winning titles for your email campaigns.

5 – Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ll use various strategies (site map, tags, link building campaign etc.) to make sure that the search engines direct more traffic to your site.

6 – E-mail marketing. MC2 is a firm advocate of responsible and ethical e-mail marketing. We’ll also advise you as to the appropriate format to use so the e-mails are received and read. Our engineers will automate the whole e-mail marketing process.

7 – Leveraging of your web site. We’ll use various tools such as auto responders, pop-ups, single or double opt-in subscriptions etc. to attract and retain your clientele.

8 – Media Planning and Buying. We’ll help you to decide between PPC, CPC, banner advertising, or another form of media advertising.

9 – Evaluation and refining. We’ll show you measurable marketing results with instant feedback. These results will help you to reduce your advertising expenses while increasing your return rates.

MC2 – To go beyond your own vision.